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Steph Fonteyn

Steph's journey began within the ranks of the Officer Training Corps with the British Army, where she learned valuable lessons in discipline, agility and teamwork. 

Stepping into the corporate world, she found her stride in HR roles and later in digital marketing, communications and design. Alongside her professional endeavours, she had self-taught herself as an artist. 

As a facilitator, trainer, and speaker, she enjoys fusing her passions to support high-performing leaders, experts, and teams in accessing and unlocking their creative potential. 

She believes that accessing creativity within can lead to professional and business growth and success. Her humble mission is to support others in finding the creative courage to make brave business decisions, communicate better, and inspire others.

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Mandy Bronsil

Mandy Bronsil has over 15 years of workshop wisdom, and with a background in career development, she’s the master of supporting professionals in finding the best within themselves. 

Mandy’s super skill is sensing individual strengths, seeing how they fit together, and leading to a result much bigger than the sum of their parts. She’s not about grand titles or gestures but more about quiet wisdom in the intricate dance of team dynamics. 

As part of our Collaborative Art® team, she weaves her magic gently into every workshop and event, allowing the participants to gain new insights about themselves and become the heroes of the day.

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Helen von Dadelszen

Helen von Dadelszen is a seasoned speaker and vocal coach with a mission to help brilliant professionals confidently find and use their voices. She’s an experienced performer and an award-winning speaker who’s always felt at home on the stage.

Throughout her career, her mission has been to support others to take the stage and shine.

Her role as a Collaborative Art® facilitator is to help professionals speak confidently, connect as a team, and deliver messages in powerful, persuasive, and compelling ways. 

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Uli Van Neyghem

Uli Van Neyghem is the co-founder of Collaborative Art®. In addition to her artistic career, she’s also a seasoned sales and marketing maven who trusts that creativity goes hand in hand with collaboration.

As an artist, Uli focuses on finding the inner balance, serenity, and simplicity infused in her creative concoctions. 

Uli is like the fairy godmother of Collaborative Art®. She continues to support our work as a guide and mentor, and her creative fingerprint can still be seen in many of our events.

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