Collaborative Art® Team Building

Collaborative Art® stands for team building workshops that unite your employees to achieve a common art-based goal. These workshops take them out of their comfort zone and encourage creativity, communication, collaboration, risk-taking, experimentation & participation.

Collaborative Art® team building workshops include drawing, photography, collage, art installation, painting, music, theatre, or improvisation. Through Collaborative Art, your employees communicate shared visions, stories, and experiences that connect to your business theme. They enhance and apply skill sets that are just as important in the art-making process as they are in today’s modern business world.

They’ll feel a sense of accomplishment working as a group to complete the workshop and learn ways to improve their communication skills. All while increasing their confidence and productivity. These masterpieces will act as a powerful reminder of your team’s message and create a buzz in the corridors long after the event.

Collaborative Art® team-building workshops take inspiration from Pop Art, Street Art, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Art Installation, Cubism and Land Art, musicality or improvisation. Every workshop is tailor made to address your unique objectives. Our team of artists guide your employees step-by-step through the creative process.

Collaborative Art® fosters…