What is Collaborative Art?

What is Collaborative Art™?

“Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum”, Collaborative Art™ offers tailor made team-building activities that inspire creative collaboration using the arts as an engaging platform.

Our facilitators are professional artists in their own domains, such as painting, musicality and role-play. They use guided mastery to lead participants through the creative process.

As the group gains confidence, insights and momentum, they will co-create meaningful shared visions that relate to a chosen theme. The experience connects the dots between the business and the art world in a unique and fun way.

Our creative workshops encourage participants to apply skill sets that are just as important in art making process they are in today’s modern business world.

Our network of facilitators is based in Europe and USA. We speak multiple languages and travel worldwide for small or large group events.

If you’d like to engage your team or guests in a uniquely creative way, contact us now for a tailor made proposal.