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Unleash your team's creative potential

Unleash your team's creative potential through arts-based team-building experiences, team art activities and tailored experiential learning.

Collaborative Art® provides trail-blazing creative experiences that help you align your team, clarify your vision and unlock potential.

Creative Team Building

Foster team cohesion and confidence by achieving a seemingly impossible art challenge! Solving a shared challenge encourages the participants to think on their feet, develops creative collaboration and communication skills, and aligns them with your shared vision, strategy, or values.

Team Art Activities

Turn your off-site, conference or team building into an event that people can’t stop talking about! Fun, creative experiences, such as land art, collage, and miniature art installations, and nudge teams to see differently, think metaphorically and inspire visual storytelling to communicate key business messages.

Arts-Based Experiential Learning

Creativity develops resilience, an essential ingredient for cultivating an empowered workforce! Equip your teams with creative thinking, communication and presentation skills to allow them to evolve into courageous leaders.

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“Insightful and inclusive activities”

“The Collaborative Art® team is incredibly talented. Their creative flair is infectious, and their energy is compelling. The activities are designed to be inclusive for all team members. The debriefs are as enjoyable as the activities, and the experience offers a wonderful insight into team dynamics and individual behaviour.”

Charlie Charlesworth, Managing Director, Haute Pursuit

“Turn scepticism into team pride!”

“We invited Collaborative Art® to deliver a creative experience to our managers after a long day of business meetings. The lead facilitator captured, in an instant, how to combine the conference goals with our wish to create a team-building experience. Some participants were sceptical at first, but with skilful guidance from the facilitators, they created beautiful paintings that illustrated our core values.”

Virginie Vasselon, HR Director, Romande Énergie

“Simply outstanding facilitation”

“Steph Fonteyn from Collaborative Art® is simply an outstanding facilitator. She took us through the Collaborative Art® process and models the best in facilitation: holding the process lightly yet with clarity and discipline, encouraging participation yet enabling high-quality output, and projecting self-confidence yet making the group the hero.”

Will Hogg, Managing Director, Kinetic Consulting


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Meet Steph Fonteyn

My professional path is a story of connecting seemingly unrelated dots and turning them into something bigger than is obvious to the eye, from the army to the corporate world and entrepreneurship.

As a young graduate, I joined the British Army. During my years in the army, I experienced the power of a sense of belonging and teamwork skills, which repeatedly showed me how hard, nearly impossible, challenges can be overcome.

While the world of corporate HR was a very different environment, there were some similarities: big companies were faced with big challenges, and I understood how important it is to build alignment around where the company was going and how we would get there. 

When I rediscovered an old passion of mine, art, it felt natural to start experimenting with art-based team-building experiences to bridge the gaps I had identified in companies. 

What could be a more powerful tool for getting the employees on the same page and strengthening their belief in teamwork than tackling a seemingly impossible challenge together?

I started seeing how designing fun, creative, and unforgettable team experiences impacted employee experience and buy-in on new initiatives, productivity, and company values. 

That was the birth of Collaborative Art® in 2011.

But I couldn’t turn that insight into a business alone. Meet the team and learn how we support leaders to tap into their creative powers to succeed in business! 

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