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Creative Shared Experiences…

…using Art to Inspire and Connect People.

Collaborative Art is all about unleashing the power of creative collaboration by designing inspiring shared experiences and ‘defining moments’ for our customers.


What We Do?

Starting with a blank canvas we tailor creative experiences for your team building, seminars and events. We take business professionals such as yourself out of the comfort zone they’re accustomed to and create meaningful and compelling shared visions using art as a platform.

Creative team building activities that envision your business objectives.

The final masterpieces contain symbolic imagery designed by the participants to answer your questions such as “What’s inside us as leaders?”, “How do we improve the lives of our customers?” “Where do we want to be tomorrow and How do we get there?” or “What are our strengths?”

Where do we get our creative inspiration from?

– your vision, company, objectives, values and your event’s theme.
– Different art movements such as Pop Art, Street Art, Cubism, Abstraction…

What will you get out of our collaborative team building events?

A masterpiece to be proud of that acts as a powerful visual reminder of the collective achievement which will generate a buzz in the corridors long after the event. See what others have created or see our showcases

Collaborative Art activities foster the following skills.

– Creativity, risk-taking & stepping out of that safe place
– Shared Visions & Leadership
– Create Momentum & Energize teams
– Align & Engage around a common goal
– Cohesion & Teamwork

How To Book?

Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will propose an activity using art as a platform for your team building event, or we could design a completely new concept just for you.


Our team of artists speak multiple languages and travel worldwide to facilitate unforgettable creative experiences that connect to your world.

Find Inspiration.

Stay In Touch.