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Romande Energie

After a long, studious conference day, the client wanted to deliver a creative experience to over 50 leaders to cultivate enthusiasm around their new organisational values. We took them on a creative visual team-building journey! 

“The Collaborative Art® team instantly captured how to combine the conference goals with our wish to create a team-building experience. Some participants were initially sceptical, but with skilful guidance from the facilitators, they created beautiful paintings that illustrated our core values. The participants greatly appreciated the result and the experience.”

Virginie Vasselon, HR Director, Romande Énergie


We organised an artistic team-building experience for 40+ EPFL faculty assistants. 

“We enjoyed spending a morning discovering our artistic talents under the facilitator’s guidance. The workshop enabled us to discover our strengths and, above all, to pool all our skills. We also discovered each other's hidden talents, and all in good fun! The result is breathtaking, reflecting our strengths and harmony as a team. The canvases hanging in our corridors are sublime and a real eye-catcher! 

Steph and her team knew how to guide us every step of the way, offering challenges to each of us and making us think about different facets, but always with a result that exceeded our expectations!

Geneviève Peter - Administrative Assistant SV -  EPFL


A Pharmaceutical

Take a group of supply chain managers from around the world, who work for a big pharmaceutical company, and challenge them to turn a shared vision into a creative masterpiece. 

"This is arts-based learning for team insights at its best.

An excellent facilitation team skilfully guided creative challenges that levelled the playing field in team building. Everyone was in the same boat as most people don’t believe in their perceived artistic abilities.

The challenge to turn a shared corporate vision into a masterpiece in a limited time, and taking inspiration from an iconic art style, is a clever touch to the art challenge. It was great to watch the challenge take hold of everybody in the room in an enthusiastic and creative session.”

Steve Morrall, Facilitator, UK 

Kinetic Consulting

We supported 50+ leadership trainers and facilitators in bringing their vision of leaving a legacy to life and determining its meaning. Through active participation and collaboration, they created an inspiring output that propels them forward. 

“Collaborative Art® facilitators model the best in facilitation: holding the process lightly yet with clarity and discipline, encouraging participation yet enabling high-quality output, and projecting self-confidence yet making the group the hero. I cannot recommend the Collaborative Art® experiences highly enough.”

Will Hogg, Managing Director, Kinetic Consulting


We supported 40+ faculty members reunite after a long period of remote and hybrid work.

“Steph did an excellent job putting our team-building event in place. She was able to give people confidence and managed to help everyone work smoothly in teams. At the end of the afternoon, all participants were very happy and astonished by the beautiful piece of art produced. As a positive result, the week after, we all had coffee together for the first time!” 

Laurence Mauro, EPFL


We created a bespoke creative workshop for the company's annual retreat in Aspen Colorado, to run in parallel with the other activities planned for the day. 

Split into three rotating groups of 50 people, the participants brainstormed, designed and painted their shared vision of the keys to transforming the US healthcare industry, building on the inspiration from the previous group. All 150 people contributed their ideas and were involved in creating the final masterpiece.

 “It was so much better than we had imagined, and the reveal moment of the masterpiece on the final day of the retreat connected the dots between our themes and enabled us to close the retreat with a big finale.”

Carleen Hawn, CEO, Healthspottr


“I enjoyed working with the Collaborative Art® team on various occasions. The founder of Collaborative Art® is good at finding creative ideas to leverage art to solve business or team challenges. Nothing is impossible with them!”

Zina Thaifa - Business Excellence & Operations Head - Novartis 

General Mills

“From our first conversation, the facilitator understood what we wanted to achieve for our team-building activity. The facilitators guided our team of 50+ marketers through a collaborative art process, bringing out our creativity and teamwork. The artwork is now proudly hanging in our offices, and there are many comments on where it came from! I recommend Collaborative Art® for your next team event!”

Matt Salter, Vice President Marketing, General Mills


“I have worked with Collaborative Art® on numerous occasions. Each time has been an outstanding success. Collaborative Art® is unlike other team-building activities - it takes people to a different space in expressing opportunities and challenges and how they can be overcome. It also helps visualise the journey to a stronger and more collaborative future.

It is also fantastic fun when you hear the cheers roaring when their 'masterpiece' is revealed. There is a sense of pure satisfaction of co-creating something quite extraordinary together. As Steph, the founder, has a corporate background, integrating this team-building event within the context of a team meeting theme works very well.”

Ruth Farrell, Global Marketing, Brand & Communications Leader, Eastman 

"Steph helped us kick-start our off-site with a thought-provoking speech on Creative Courage. We wanted the teams to gain tips on how to become more resilient and how to think out of the box. Steph perfectly did so by sharing with us her experience and life stories. The teams particularly liked the fact that she didn't hide her failures - her authenticity made her more relatable. Overall, the intervention was very impactful, and everyone left that day with a list of actions they will do to be more creative and more courageous. I would recommend Steph to any organisation looking to bring creativity into their day-to-day job." 

Thomas Sengmany - Vacheron Constantin

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