Creative Ice


Creativity is Contagious. Pass it on.

Albert Einstein

Short activities that stimulate interaction & dialogue

Are you looking for a unique creative activity to run during your seminar or event?
We have 60 minutes of creative icebreaker activities that stimulate lateral thinking, interaction and dialogue. Suitable for 10 participants or more, indoors or outdoors!
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Ice breaker picasso heads

Picasso Heads

Why not get to know each other using art as a starting point for conversation, and learn to draw an abstract portrait that represents who you are, not what you look like! Then use your art to introduce yourself to others.

Miniature Art Installations

Use props and figurines to create miniature art installations that encourage ingenuity so as to draw parallels between the art and your workplace theme.
Ice Breaker Mini Art Installation
ice breaker tiny object drawing

Tiny Object Drawing

Combine everyday objects and drawings to see things in new and unexpected ways and connect them to your theme or workplace using metaphorical thinking.

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