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You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

Creativity, risk-taking & stepping out of that safe place.

Creativity takes courage. Collaborative Art ® provides a safe environment to playfully take risks and overcome the fear of making mistakes that can hinder team insights and growth.
Creativity is also about making unusual connections. Being challenged to collaborate in an unfamiliar domain stretches your mind. Your employees will search for & discover novel connections and consider a wider array of solutions. Rather than going with the most obvious or ordinary ones.
Team building - Shared Vision - Abstract Expressionism - Reaching for the stars
team building shared vision marketing strategy Paul Klee

Shared Visions & Leadership.

Shared visions lead the way to success. High-performing people see clear pictures of where they want to go. Artists do this intuitively. In business, having the capacity to create a shared vision guides strategies, actions, and helps make goals a reality. Communicating a shared vision clearly (and persuasively) is key to engaging people to become part of the big picture and its future success. The clearer the picture, the easier it will be to communicate it to others.

Create Momentum & Energize teams.

Momentum is a self-perpetuating phenomenon. Collaborative Art® launches your employees into an interactive experience, and what follows is like a snowball effect. Teams tackle challenges step-by-step, building confidence as they achieve small successes along the way. At the end of the workshop, any initial doubts about perceived artistic abilities will have been transformed into pride!
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Team building - Shared Values - Pop Art - Annual Code of Conduct Day

Align & Engage around a common goal.

How can you rally your team around a new strategy? Create a platform for open dialogue and interaction where every employee knows your company’s goals, vision, and top challenges. Ensuring that teams are aligned on their goals helps drive actions that are necessary to deliver the required results and achieves ‘buy in’ from your key players. Collaborative Art® can be used to envision your goals and strategies or to engage employees around organizational values or change initiatives.

Cohesion & Teamwork.

Experiencing team cohesion can be incredibly powerful. Collaborative Art gently nudges your employees into the deep end to encourage collaboration and trust, and unite them around a shared and meaningful challenge using art.

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