Creative Team building

Creative team buildingCollaborative Art™ provides creative team building and workshops that use guided mastery to lead participants step by step through the process. We facilitate creative workshops in various art domains such as painting, drawing, musicality, theatre, comedy, dancing or improvisation, in multiple languages, worldwide.

Our network of talented facilitating artists are based in Europe and USA and travel worldwide to facilitate creative team building experiences and activities that engage teams, participants or event guests in uniquely creative ways.

Our participants have a lot of fun exploring the creative process whilst developing shared visions, storied and experiences. During the workshops they will reveal insights that connect the dots between the world of art and business.

Participants will experience different aspects of the creative process such as: letting go, trust, experimentation, co-inspiration, collaboration, creativity and simplification to get to the core of a message to create meaningful shared visions, stories or experiences using the arts.

We customize all of our workshops to focus on what is pertinent to your organization, team or guests. Maybe you want to reflect about your objectives, values or a vision of tomorrow such as “What excellence looks like?”, “What are the keys to transforming the US Healthcare industry?”, “How do you improve the quality of life of your customers?” or simply a theme related activity for seminars about “Momentum” or “Trust”.  Whatever your theme, our talented facilitators will tailor their workshop, connect the dots between the art and business world and guide the participants through an exciting and engaging creative journey.

Our workshops are ideal for creative team building events, seminars and any event where you’d like to engage people around a common theme in a creative, hands-on and unforgettable way.

The founder, Steph Fonteyn is known as the queen of customization in the events world as has designed tailor made creative experiences for The Aspen Institute in Colorado and TEDx events.

So if you would like to have a unique, creative and engaging activity at your next event. Contact us now