The Heritage Model.

Logic can take you from A to B. Imagination can take you everywhere

Albert Einstein

How do 150 healthcare professionals see their future?

San Francisco based company, Healthspottr, requested a bespoke creative workshop for their Annual Retreat at The Aspen Institute in Colorado that could be run in parallel with their other activities.
Split into 3 rotating groups of 50, the participants brainstormed, designed and painted their shared vision of healthcare by inheriting and taking inspiration from the previous group. All 150 people contributed their ideas and were involved in the painting of the final masterpiece.
Testimonial: “It was so much better than we had imagined and the reveal moment of the masterpiece on the final day of the retreat really connected the dots between our themes and enabled us to close the retreat with a big finale” Carleen – Healthspottr

About the Event

Industry: Healthcare, Location: Aspen, Participants: 150
Workshop Type: Shared Vision Heritage Model

Art Style: Abstract Surrealism inspired by Joan Miro

Team building - shared vision - key factors to transform the healthcare industry

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