Celebrate Diversity in

the Workplace.



The World Health Organization asked us to design a fun creative team building experience for their annual staff day in Geneva to develop cohesion and a sense of belonging.
The participants used metaphorical symbols to represent their strengths, rotated around the room and as such inherited each other’s symbols.
The result – 8 abstract faces to symbolise Faces of Diversity. The teams then painted the final portraits and presented them alongside meaningful stories connecting them to their workplace.
Testimonial: What a great way to spend the day outside of work with your colleagues! You learn about yourself and your colleagues. Never say “I can’t do that” with Collaborative Art, they are great artists and coaches and know exactly how to bring people together. I would highly recommend working with them when you want to organize a team building activity. You will make your team happy!
Elsa, Assistant, W.H.O.

About the Event

Industry: Non-Profit Location: Geneva Participants: 50
Workshop Type: The Face of Your Organization

Art Style:Graffiti-Cubism inspired by Hunto

showcase diversity faces 2nd image

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