Street Art Entertainment

Engage your seminar or event guests to build momentum around a common theme using Art as an innovative, fun way to create a collective vision, a masterpiece inspired by Street Art.

This is suitable for large or small groups. Your guests or participants will be encouraged to add their ideas about an event theme and draw and/or collage their contributions onto a large-scale template prepared by one of our artists. Once the contributions have been the masterpiece can be revealed to the audience for a memorable “wow” moment of what momentum can achieve.Example: This was a tailor-made creative, interactive entertainment made for Equal Salary event. They wanted their guests to contribute their thoughts and ideas about what Equal Salary means to them by drawing on and “bubbles” and collaging them (glueing) onto the masterpiece.

Objectives: To build a common vision, To provide creative entertainment for participants, To engage participants or guests around a common theme using art, To overcome fear of art, To get creative juices flowing, To create a masterpiece that tells the story of an organization or theme, To energize people through art-making, To experience how the arts can enhance group idea generation and sharing, To stimulate visual thinking and multi-sensory processing

Uses: Icebreaker, Group energizer, Creative Entertainment, Welcome Cocktails, Seminar and retreat activity, A fun getting acquainted activity,

Time required: 60 to 90 minutes
Art Form: Drawing and/or collage
Art Style: Street Art

Good to know: Agree in advance a symbol for a template with us that will be meaningful for your event.

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