Steph Fonteyn

Steph Fonteyn founder of Collaborative Art™Steph Fonteyn is the founder of Collaborative Art™.  She is an internationally recognized artist, creative entrepreneur, workshop facilitator, visual storyteller and public speaker.

In 2013, Steph Fonteyn exhibited a giant mosaic of portraits as a result of The 100 Faces Project launched in Geneva, Switzerland. The aim was to capture the spirit of 100 people, confront people with an artist’s vision of themselves and unite them using art as a platform.

“One of the most memorable moments at the opening of The 100 Faces exhibition was the arrival of a surprise guest. He was a complete stranger who had followed a trail of smiling faces across Geneva to see where they were coming from. He arrived at the gallery and introduced himself to me. He said that it was so unusual to see so many smiling faces in Geneva, that he just had to find out what was causing the joy. I will never forget that moment. Perhaps it should be called the 101 faces!” 

In 2015, Steph Fonteyn was invited to TEDx Zurich Women to speak about creativity and momentum.  Click here to watch the talk about “an artist’s leap of faith“. This is also where Steph Fonteyn and Sylvia Day met for the first time. Thanks to Sylvia’s hilarious performance, Steph was able to laugh off some of the nerves before going on stage herself!

Collaborative Art™ was born in Switzerland in 2011 by fusing Steph Fonteyn’s  previous life, as a Human Resources professional with a passion for art and facilitation. Steph Fonteyn is now currently based in Miami, Florida where  aside from enjoying the sunshine, she expands into the Miami Art Scene and develops the North American market for Collaborative Art™creative team building.

Collaborative Art™uses a step by step approach to guide teams or  participants through various art domains to experience the creative process. The workshops inspire shared stories and visions that encourage creativity, communication, collaboration, insights, fun, trust and more.