Pop Art Organizational Values

The challenge of this workshop is to create drawings in the style of Pop Artist, Keith Haring to represent your organizational values. This is a fun, creative and engaging way to align employees around corporate values and decorate your workplace with art and a code of conduct to be proud of!

The participants are guided step-by-step how to draw like Keith Haring in order to brainstorm, design and create unique and meaningful Pop Art style drawings that symbolize your organizational values. At the end of the workshop, each team will present the story behind their Pop Art Shared Value. The drawings can be framed (optional) and displayed proudly in your workplace.

Each workshop is tailor-made according to the number of participants. This workshop can be run for different themes, for small or large groups, just contact us to discuss your needs.

In addition, we can digitalize the drawings and print them on different materials to be delivered and displayed in multiple locations! (Optional)

Imagine running this workshop through your entire organization. We do the traveling so that you don’t have to! Then request prints of all the drawings from across the organization so that they can be displayed together in the headquarters as a giant mosaic or art exhibition in alignment with a Values Initiative program.

Time Required: 90 minutes
Art Form: Drawing
Art Style: Pop Art inspired by Keith Haring
Alternative: Create a shared vision of drivers to success (See example below)
Objectives: To provide creative entertainment for participants, To overcome fear of art, To get creative juices flowing, Engage organization around shared values, To energize groups through art creation, To stimulate visual thinking and multi-sensory processing, Facilitate a creative activity through an entire organization across geographical boarders resulting in a printed mosaic (on metal) of the shared values of a company.

Uses: Icebreaker, Group energizer, Creative Entertainment, Welcome Cocktails, Seminar and retreat activity, A fun getting acquainted activity.

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