Roshi Khalilian

Roshi KhalilianInternationally exhibited artist, Roshi Khalilian uses passion to portray the magnificence of life and our world through art. Abstraction is her language using color to tell tales.

Roshi Khalilian’s use of history in her work derives from a belief that “in order to understand people, one must understand their history“. This belief has been the starting point to inspire the use of gold and silver as the main elements in her mixed-media abstract paintings. Roshi Khalilian believes that these two elements are among the most important elements in preserving the history that we know today.

Roshi is not only a talented painter. She also teaches adults and children in her art studio based near Zurich in Switzerland, where she transmits her passion for art to her students.

Roshi  was born in Iran where she studied for her BA and continues her studies in Art History with OU University, UK. She has lived and travelled throughout the Middle East and Europe, and now lives in Switzerland with her family.