Paper Cubism Creative Workshop

In this creative workshop, your team’s challenge is to compose a meaningful shared vision using collage in the style of Synthetic Cubism. Participants will design symbols that will contribute towards a shared vision that will be collaged using paper and/or everyday “real” materials to create a symbolic story about your organization or theme.

The facilitator will guide participants step-by- step through a process of creative collaboration to brainstorm ideas, design symbols and create harmonious compositions as a series of “collaged” shared visions.

The wow factor at the end of the workshop is seeing people’s doubt transform into pride when the multiple shared masterpieces and their stories are revealed (as most people don’t believe in their artistic abilities).

Each workshop is tailor-made according to the number of participants and theme. Please note that the masterpieces are created from scratch during a 90 minutes workshop.

It is important to agree a theme for the topic of your masterpiece before the event so that the content designed by the team is symbolic and meaningful and connects to your world. We can assist you with this if needed.

Here are some examples of questions used by clients for create their masterpieces:

“How do we improve the quality of life of our customers?”
“What’s inside us as leaders?”
“What are the key factors to transforming the healthcare industry in the US?”
“What does ONE HR look like?
“What is our vision for tomorrow?”
“What is our formula for success?”
“What are our drivers for organic growth?”
What parallels are there between departments XYZ?

The final masterpiece can be displayed in your workplace to act as a powerful reminder of your theme and what can be achieved though creative collaboration.

Time required: 90 minutes
Art Form: Collage
Art Style: Synthetic Cubism