Painting & Drawing

“Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum”, Collaborative Art™ offers tailor made team-building and creative entertainment for seminars that inspire creativity and collaboration.

Check out some of our most popular drawing and painting concepts or ask us to design a brand new creative experience for your special event:

Street Art Your Shared Vision
Pop Art Your Shared Values like Keith Haring
Giant Collaborative Doodle about a shared theme
Collaborative Street Art: capture the voice of the people
Surrealist style shared vision of the future
Get Acquainted: Picasso Head yourself
Cubism: shared stories from new perspectives


Our facilitators are professional artists in their own domains and use guided mastery to lead participants through the creative process.

As the group gains confidence, insights and momentum, they co-create meaningful shared visions that relate to the event theme. The experience connects the dots between the business and the art world.

Team challenges encourage participants to apply skill sets that are just as important in the process of creativity as they are in today’s modern business world.

Our network of facilitators is based in Europe and USA. Our team speaks multiple languages and travel worldwide for small or large group events inspired by different art styles and forms.


Objectives & Uses

  • Collaborate to achieve creative challenges outside of most people’s comfort zone, using the arts. “It doesn’t seem possible until its done”
  • Stimulate creativity & momentum through fun art projects
  • Discover the process of creativity facilitated by an artist step-by-step
  • Develop artistic confidence, as most people don’t believe they can draw.
  • Encourage out-of-the-box thinking to solve team challenges
  • Inspire meaningful shared visions using visual metaphors that tell stories.
  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortable and reveal individual & team insights.
  • Experience the process of creative simplification by removing the non-essential and the arriving at the core of the message.
  • Experience the power visual communication and storytelling using the arts
  • Align teams around a common goal/strategy/theme
  • Create a shared vision that your team will be proud of and that will act as a powerful visual reminder of your team event.
  • Connect the dots between the art and the business world.
  • Reveal personal and team insights by drawing parallels between the creative challenge and the workplace.



Co-creating Shared visions with Collaborative Art