Our Story

Collaborative Art™ was founded in 2011, by artist Steph Fonteyn, to inspire creativity, collaboration and visual storytelling using the Arts as an engaging platform.

Steph founded Collaborative Art™ by connecting the dots between her career in Human Resources, experiences as a facilitator and  professional artist.

Of course, creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum! Steph met artist and co-founder, Uli Van Neyghem in 2010, and like true partners in crime, they’ve have been collaborating on creative projects ever since!founders-of-collaborative-artIn 2016, Steph Fonteyn moved to Miami, Florida to expand horizons. The transition from Switzerland to the USA triggered a new way of thinking about the future of Collaborative Art™.

Steph wanted to restructure the way the business functioned so that it would become more scalable and flexible. Ultimately, she wanted to create a business that could be run from anywhere in the world as long as she had a telephone, laptop and wifi.

Thanks to this insight, our network of Collaborative Art™ facilitators has grown. We have facilitators based in Switzerland, France, UK and USA who speak a range of languages from English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Persian to Italian.

Our facilitators travel worldwide to facilitate tailor-made creative workshops that connect the dots between the art and the business world using painting,  drawing, dance, music, theatre, improvisation & comedy.