CA MusicalityThe art of being in the moment

Group games and activities to focus our attention on the here and now, learning how to quieten our subconscious.

The workshop will demonstrate though solo, couple and group activity ways to be in the moment as we work, how to disconnect from past negative experiences and stop getting anxious about future possibilities.

Any business person regardless of their profession can benefit from this workshop!

Steve Morrall is a fluent and passionate communicator in his native language of English, but also in the language of music, art and dance.

Artists, musician and dancers all depend on fundamental skills and practiced technique to communicate. But in order to perform or create, they must have assimilated the processes their art requires and practiced them until they can be carried out with unconscious competence. Only then is the brain released from managing the function — “the how”, and able to freely shape and influence the form — “the what, the why, and the when” — turning the functionality into artistry.

No previous knowledge or skill in art, music or dance is required or necessary to get the most out of these sessions which are designed to establish and inspire the use of mindfulness, creative collaboration, inter-personal awareness and respect in the workplace. In fact, having no experience in the arts will heighten the benefits of these engaging and entertaining sessions.


We are going to remember how to play, and allow others around us to play as well.

Most children can lose themselves in the moment naturally. We can watch them play, totally absorbed in a world of their own making. Child like play has an absence of ego, and self-awareness. They do not fret about outcome or peer judgement, they simply play and learn by playing. Sadly, children lose this ability as they grow up.


A creative process needs risk takers. The day is going to show us that by redefining ‘a perceived mistake’ as an opportunity, we can ignite even more creativity opportunities.


Assimilation is a left brain process. All that essential technical stuff cannot be ignored, but do you realise how greedy the left brain is for order, process and technique. You are going to discover creative activities that light up the right brain and realise how much you have been holding back when your right brain stops sitting on the side lines.


Perhaps the most difficult thing for a creative performer to suppress is your own inner voice that whispers “you are not good enough” and “yep, this is where you always go wrong” as you remember past activities. And all those “what if” scenarios as your unconscious frets about future failure. Steve is going to take you down the road less travelled with games and activities that help you break free of these bonds.


The workshops can be adapted for groups from 10 to 50 people. The format is suitable for small, intimate groups or for larger meetings where the participants are meeting for the first time.

An electric or acoustic piano will greatly add to the workshop effectiveness.

The activities need two square metres of smooth floor per person plus one chair per person.

The content will involve solo, couple and group activities. Some activities are physical so wear loose comfortable clothing and deck shoes or tai chi slippers.

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