Keynote Speakers

Some of our facilitating artists are experienced keynote speakers specialized in talking about topics related to creativity. Our Keynote speakers  connect the dots between the art and business world to present engaging and inspiring talks.

Our keynote speakers tailor their speeches in alignment with your event theme, drawing meaningful parallels and metaphors from the perspective of an artist and their domain of art.

Keynote Speaker Sylvia DaySylvia – an engaging and comedic style combined with her corporate communications experience has makes her a highly sought-after speaker. She has spoken at TEDxZurichWomen where she “improvised” a talk on momentum and letting go through improvisation. Sylvia has also been a keynote speaker for several women’s networking events on the topics of women in comedy with her original talk: “How to Have Balls When You Weren’t Born With Any”. She is also a popular MC at charity balls and galas.

Steph Fonteyn founder of Collaborative Art™

Steph –  has been a keynote speaker at an innovative networking retreat hosted at the The Aspen Institute in Colorado. Her talk was about the process of “Art & Inspiration” at an event themed around Consumer Experience for a Healthcare Event.

In 2015, Steph spoke at TEDxWomenZurich about Momentum. Her talk was about courage and creativity. A very  personal and emotional story about a working mum who burns out and at rock bottom decides to take a leap of faith to quit her corporate job and follow her dreams of becoming an artist. The morale of the story is about by taking a leap of faith, to trust and listen the heart versus allowing fear and doubt to dictate our life.

Steph’s talks can be paired with a tailor-made creative experience that engages the guests or the audience around themes such as trust, momentum, inspiration, creativity and collaboration.

At The Aspen Institute, Steph and co-founder Uli Van Neyghem designed an experience for 150 Healthspottr retreat guests. The event organiser selected our proposal and flew in two Collaborative Art facilitators to Colorado from Switzerland as they couldn’t find a US based company that would take on the challenge of designing a rotating workshop for such a large group of people.

The objective was for the participants to experience a part of the process of creating a shared masterpiece from start to finish by inheriting, embracing and evolving the ideas of preceding groups . Each group was empowered and inspired to evolve the shared vision a step further until they created a final masterpiece that symbolized “The keys to transforming the US Healthcare industry”.

At TEDx, the creative activity was used as an entertaining ice-breaker for the 200+ guests. The session held during a breakfast networking, engaged them around the theme of Momentum. The outcome was a collaborative mural and a time-lapse video showing the Momentum of the guests doodling their ideas about Momentum to co-create a giant portrait of Amelia Earhart. The masterpiece was revealed on the TEDx stage at the end of Steph’s talk about creativity & momentum.

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