Picasso Heads Ice breaker Activity

This creative ice breaker activity is inspired by Pablo Picasso Cubist Portraits and is ideal for getting acquainted or encouraging interaction and dialogue. Each participant is invited to draw their own “symbolic” self-portrait in the style Picasso, using symbols that reveal information about themselves.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will present themselves using the self-portrait. Participants can take home their own portrait as a gift.

Additionally, this activity can be used during learning and development programs to inspire participants to represent their strengths and desired areas for development by creating and presenting a symbolic Picasso Head.Collaborative Art Creative IceBreaker Getting AcquaintedTime Required: 75 Р90 minutes
Art Form: Drawing
Art Style: Picasso style Cubist Portrait

Objectives: To provide creative entertainment for participants, Each participant receives there own artwork to take home, To overcome fear of art, To get creative juices flowing, To create a symbolic representation of oneself as a creative warm up exercise at the start of a training week or seminar, To energize groups through art creation, To stimulate visual thinking and multi-sensory processing

Uses: Ice breaker activity, Group energizer, Creative Entertainment, Welcome Cocktails, Seminar and retreat activity, A fun getting acquainted activity, in parallel with Learning & Development Programs, in parallel with Leadership Training, in parallel with Diversity & Inclusion programs.

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