Doodle Art Entertainment

Engage your guests around an event theme using art as a creative, fun platform. Guests are encouraged to contribute their ideas in the form of doodles to co-create a meaningful big picture, an emblem that symbolizes the event’s red thread.

Doodle Art Entertainment is an ideal creative activity for seminars and retreats like TEDx to encourage people to share their thoughts and ideas about a common theme visually.

How it works

You tell us what your event theme is. We propose ideas for your event’s emblem (the big picture. You decide which emblem that you like. We prepare a template ready for your event. Our artists encourage your guests (during networking breakfasts or welcome cocktails) to contribute to the big picture by doodling their ideas about the event theme during a 60 to 90 minute period. Our artist goes behind the scenes to prepare the masterpiece for its big “reveal” moment in front of your guests. The masterpiece acts as a powerful visual reminder of your event, theme and what can be achieved through momentum and overcoming our fear of judgement and perceived inability to draw.

Collaborative Art Giant Doodle
Doodle Art Entertainment at TEDxZurichWomen 2015

Photo credit to photographer Andaleeb Lilley, Zug, Switzerland

Example: This is a Doodle Art Creative Entertainment masterpiece created during a breakfast networking at TEDxZurichWomen in 2015. We designed a template picture of Amelia Earhart, the first women to fly solo across the Atlantic as an emblem to represent their theme of “Momentum”.  Ironically, creativity is contagious because the theme of flight then inspired the whole look and design of their website, marketing etc.

The objective for the creative activity was to engage the 200 guests to contribute their ideas about “What momentum means to them?”, “What gives them lift?” and “What is their final destination?” The guest’s doodles “filled out” the large format template to create and reveal a giant portrait of Amelia Earhart.

Click here to see a time-lapse video of the collaborative mural being made at TEDx.

Time Required: 60 – 90 minutes
Art Form: Drawing (Doodle Art Entertainment)
Art Style: Doodling
Group size: up to 200

Objectives: To provide creative entertainment activities for events and seminars, To engage guests around a common theme using art, To overcome fear of art, To get creative juices flowing, To energize groups using art, To experience how the arts can enhance group idea generation, To stimulate visual thinking

Uses: Icebreaker, Doodle Art Creative Entertainment, Welcome Cocktails, Seminar and retreat activity, Group energizer.

Good to know: We will brainstorm with you ideas for a template for the Doodle Art before the event so that we can define a visual image that is aligned with your event theme.

Other Variations: Collaborative Street Art

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