Digital Corporate Art

Digital Corporate Art

Your team’s challenge is to design and draw a meaningful shared vision that connects to your business theme, in the style of Surrealist artist, Joan Miro or Pop Artist Keith Haring. The end result can be digitalized and printed on t-shirts, mugs or canvas as a reminder of your shared vision.

Why choose this workshop?

It engages teams to co-create a meaningful art that connects to your business by stimulating out-of-the-box thinking to envision your strategy, values or objectives in the style of a famous artist. The end result is a design (digital) that can be printed onto canvas, other supports, merchandise or shared electronically as part of a communication initiative.

What are the advantages drawing versus painting workshops?

As the medium is drawing (that is later digitalized by an in-house artist), it is faster, cleaner and more cost effective than our workshops that use painting as the medium to create a shared vision.

The activity lasts 90 minutes instead of 3 hours. There is minimal mess because the medium is drawing instead of painting. There is less waste as we don’t need to use plastic sheet protection on the floors and tables. It requires less materials and therefore reduces the material costs versus painting workshops.

Digital Corporate Art

In addition, you don’t need to decide in which office location to hang the Shared Vision (as everyone is going to want it) as you can opt to have your design printed on multiple supports (canvas, wood, metal) and in different sizes, so that it can be displayed in multiple office locations around the world. Alternatively, you even have the option to request the design to be printed on t-shirts or mugs to act as a powerful visual reminder.

Deciding a theme 

It is important to agree a theme for the content of your Shared Vision before the event so that the artwork designed by your teams is meaningful and symbolic by connecting it to your business strategy, values, objectives or any other topic that you would like them to reflect about.

Here are some examples of themes used by some of our clients:

“How do we improve the quality of life of our customers?”
“What’s inside us as leaders?”
“What are the key factors to transforming the healthcare industry in the US?”
“What does ONE HR look like?
“What is our vision for tomorrow?”
“What is our formula for success?”
“What are our drivers for organic growth?”
What parallels are there between departments XYZ?

The final masterpiece(s) or merchandise can be displayed or shared in your workplace to act as a powerful reminder of your team’s Shared Vision and what can be achieved though creative collaboration.

Digital Corporate Art

Time required: 90 minutes
Art Form: Drawing (that is digitalized into Digital Corporate Art)
Art Style: Inspired by Surrealist painter Joan Miro or Keith Haring’s Pop Art
Alternative: Paper Cubism (90 minutes)

Objectives: To develop a shared vision, Create Digital Corporate Art, Envision the future, Increase rapport among team participants, Build an environment of openness and collaboration, To stimulate and prepare for creative work and play, To get creative juices flowing, To develop symbolic and metaphorical thinking, To improve listening skills, To improve presentation skills, To improve decision making skills, To build community and create trust, To enhance idea-generation skills, To improve creative collaboration skills in teams, To create a masterpiece that tells an organizational story, To improve workspaces visually, Encourage team and individual insights.

Uses: Creative Team building activity, Visioning, Set the tone for a retreat or workshop, Introduce people to each other outside of their work relationships, Group energizer, Any situation that requires the full creative engagement of participants, Creative thinking, Communication, Connecting the dots between the art and business world, Fun art challenge, Create Digital Corporate Art.

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