Anna Gilbert

Anna GilbertAnna Gilbert was born and bred in the Swedish countryside. She loves traveling and adores the multiculturalism; different languages, food and culture.

Anna Gilbert is drawn to the magic of the mountains and has been living in Chamonix, France for the past 20 years. She finds her inspiration from running on mountain trails. It is a moment with nature that fills her with energy and strength.

Anna began her career at Art School in Sweden and then lived and worked in Hong Kong, Italy and France.

Art and creativity has always been a key driver in Anna’s life. Her move to France shifted her focus and energy from art to creating a life in a foreign country, raising a family and running her own business in the hospitality industry. During this time, she dreamt about ways to reintroduce art and creativity back into her work-life balance and reconnect to the path that is important to her.

In 2016, Anna was introduced to the Founder of Collaborative Art™, Steph Fonteyn. Inspired by the story and vision, Anna decided to become a licensed facilitator of Collaborative Art™ workshops and activities.

Leading Collaborative Art™ workshops combines everything that Anna loves; people, creativity, team building, personal development and daring to do things you normally don’t do. It’s with her skills of leadership, languages and creativity that she runs the workshops with a lot of passion!

Languages: English, Swedish, French, Italian
Based in Chamonix, France
Mobility: Worldwide